Avast Business Antivirus Pro

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Avast Business Antivirus Pro Server security that works for you Cutting-edge data & server protection

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Avast Business Antivirus Pro Server security that works for you Cutting-edge data & server protection

Data Shredder
Without Data Shredder, any file can be recovered, even without your consent. Data Shredder overwrites deleted data with nonsense information to make the original file unrecoverable.

Behavior Shield
Does your calculator want access to your photos and your notepad permission to control your webcam? This can be a sign of malware. Behavior Shield blocks inappropriate access requests.

SharePoint protection
Do you use SharePoint to store and share your company data? SharePoint protection is a plug-in developed exclusively for Windows Servers that will scan everything uploaded and downloaded to your servers.

Do you want your antivirus without the Management Console?
If you only plan to protect a few devices and you have easy access to all of them, it may be easier to install and manage your antivirus from the device itself. Avast Business Standalone Antivirus offers the same level of protection without the Management Console.

Add Patch Management to your Business Antivirus Solution

Having a strong endpoint security foundation is crucial in protecting businesses from cyberattacks – but sometimes it’s not enough. Patch Management identifies critical vulnerabilities in third-party applications and makes it easy to deploy pre-tested patches from the Avast Business Cloud Management Console to your Windows and Windows Server devices.

Manage the protection of all your devices from one place at no extra cost
-Manage PCs, Macs, and servers from one place
-User-friendly console
-Mix and match different Avast antiviruses and operation systems
-Schedule tasks in advance to have all devices under control at all times
-Block dangerous websites, set templates, and group devices
-Take advantage of comprehensive reports of threats and malware
-Invite other administrators and set personalized notifications
-Get even better customer support with the chat feature


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