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How AI outsmarts cybercriminals

Far from sci-fi depictions, artificial intelligence – through machine learning algorithms and big data – is key to defusing today's evolving cyberthreats.

Avast blocked WannaCry ransomware more than 1 million times in 150 countries worldwide

Avast’s zero-day protection defended more than a million potential WannaCry victims. But on any given day, we block 100 times that many attacks, of all kinds.

Cybercriminals are using a copycat version of WannaCry ransomware to target Android users in China.

Avast is now detecting mobile ransomware, which we will refer to as “WannaLocker” from now on....

Why antivirus alone won't protect you: The anatomy of REAL security software

Antivirus has become multi-layered security, securing your Wi-Fi network, passwords, and connection. We explain what top security software should include....

The core security components of Avast 2017

We face many cybersecurity challenges ahead, but Avast is ready to confront them head on with our most powerful protection yet....

Fighting the new wave of Cyber crime

Defeating today’s – and tomorrow's – cyber-criminals requires man and machine to collaborate, intelligently. This is the heart of next-gen cyber-security.

Avast sponsors Virtual GP Motorsports team

Gentlemen, start your engines! Avast enters the world of virtual F1 with a new Motorsports team...

Avast update on WannaCry: who was affected, who was targeted, how to remove it, and more.

While last Friday wasn’t Friday the 13th, it sure seemed like it. PCs around the world, including those belonging to hospitals and government agencies, were hit by the WannaCry (AKA WanaCrypt0r, or WCry) ransomware, causing chaos....

Avast protects you from WannaCry ransomware that infected NHS and Telefonica.

We have observed a massive peak in WannaCry (aka WCry) ransomware attacks today, with more than 57,000 detections, so far. According to our data, the ransomware is mainly being targeted to Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan.....
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