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5 tips to protect your privacy in 2019

Make a new year’s resolution to strengthen cybersecurity with these five easy steps.

Social media accounts hacked? 5 tips to help take them back.

Social media accounts are ready targets for cybercrime. If yours is hacked, here are 5 ways to get social again, safely.

Free advice for all you free agents

As working on the go becomes more common, here are the main security issues to keep in mind.

Is this website safe? Your complete website safety check guide

Avoid malicious sites by learning how to verify if a website is safe to ensure safe online browsing. These three tips show you how.

Large-scale cyberattack? Protect yourself with this quick and easy guide

Follow these simple tips and precautions to help keep your devices — and yourself — safe in the event of a Big One.

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Earn free Avast premium products with our retooled Recommendation Program.

The essential guide to cleaning & speeding up your Mac

Macs don’t ever slow down, don’t ever crash, and sure as rain don’t ever run out of space. Right? Wrong.

Avast Android App Report reveals

Avast Android App Report reveals: These apps crush your phone’s battery

Online privacy

This is a conversation we all need to have...

The password is .... “2o18!_N3w_Y3ar’s_Re$olUt1on”

This simple New Year’s resolution could save you hours—even months—of complication and heartache next year and beyond.

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