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The essential guide to cleaning & speeding up your Mac

Macs don’t ever slow down, don’t ever crash, and sure as rain don’t ever run out of space. Right? Wrong.

Avast Android App Report reveals

Avast Android App Report reveals: These apps crush your phone’s battery

Online privacy

This is a conversation we all need to have...

The password is .... “2o18!_N3w_Y3ar’s_Re$olUt1on”

This simple New Year’s resolution could save you hours—even months—of complication and heartache next year and beyond.

Are you looking for Avast Local Support?

If you are facing any technical issue regarding Avast home & business security solution products then visit....

6 tips to keep your Android device safe

Learn how to keep your eye out for malicious apps.

World Largest Cyber Security Network

World Largest Cyber Security Network

How to make passwords hard and logins easy

Take the stress out of memorizing all those complicated passwords.

4 best tips to speed up a slow PC

Does booting up your PC mean you can grab a coffee and take a bathroom break? Follow these 4 quick tips to get even an old PC back up to speed....
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