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Avast Privacy and Information Security Policy

Scope of Policy

Information We Collect When You Visit Our Website

Information We Collect When You Download or Use our Programs, Request Service or Support, or Pay for Products and Services

Special Types of Personal Information

Storage, Retention, and Deletion of Personal Information

Information Security

Compliance with Laws and Dispute Resolution

How to Request Changes to Your Personal Information


I. Scope of Policy

This AVAST Privacy and Information Security Policy applies to AVAST Software s.r.o.. ("Avast"), and all of its contractors, representatives, agents, and resellers while they are working on behalf of Avast (collectively “we” or “us”). AVAST Software s.r.o. is a data controller of personal data processed in accordance with this policy. This policy applies to the following situations and activities that we engage in:


Online activities.

This means situations in which you or the users of your device or computer (collectively “you”) visit a website that we own or operate includingwww.avast.com, or other websites under our direct control. This also includes circumstances where you download an Avast product or program or use an Avast service online, regardless of the site where you downloaded or use it, or who owns or operates that site. It also refers to interactions between your computer and us such as automatic updates, and our Avast WebRep, Avast FileRep, and Avast CommunityIQ features.