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6 tips to keep your Android device safe

Learn how to keep your eye out for malicious apps.

World Largest Cyber Security Network

World Largest Cyber Security Network

How to make passwords hard and logins easy

Take the stress out of memorizing all those complicated passwords.

4 best tips to speed up a slow PC

Does booting up your PC mean you can grab a coffee and take a bathroom break? Follow these 4 quick tips to get even an old PC back up to speed....

8 tips for maximum iPhone 8 security and privacy

These inside tips from the experts make iPhone protection simple and secure.

Ransomware Shield for Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier

Ransomware Shield for Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier

Protecting your Mac - the time has come!

Macs have generally been considered safe from cyberthreats, but that is gradually changing. We have a solution.

Is your Android device getting sluggish? Find the culprits in our list of performance-draining apps

Avast reveals the Android apps that drain your battery, eat up your storage and use the most of your monthly data plan.

Back to School Tips: The ABCs of Online Security

Online safety for our children is as easy as ABC – Avast Blocks Cybercrime! Learn how we stop the crooks, so your child can hit the books.
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