A USA Located DATA Center

The data center found in Chicago, state of Illinois, is ranked among the list of the very best data center facilities inside the United States. It has high–grade server hardware configurations, a completely redundant network as well as a group of qualified sys admins.

An ultra–modern USA located data-center

With OneHostGroup, you’re going to like all of the benefits of the cutting–edge data center, which is based in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. The data center is operated by Steadfast Networks – a leading IT organization in the United States, which gives a superb physical setting in order to keep the web servers working twenty–four–seven.All of the web hosting servers in the USA located datacenter are designed with all the latest hardware elements, and are connected with a well–made inside network based upon Juniper routers and switches.

A fully redundant network

The USA located datacenter presents entire redundancy in network connectivity. We’ve engineered our network working with Juniper switches and routers and also customized software, while the data center’s engineers are employing Cisco–powered units. The network is fully meshed and also redundant thanks to several major backbone providers.The perfectly set up network makes it possible for us to provide a 99.9% network up time guarantee with all the hosting products and services you will view on our web site – shared web hosting packages packages, VPS hosting, semi-dedicated hosting packages and Linux dedicated web hosting.

Optimum route selection

With long years of superior work, OneHostGroup’s USA located data-center has created an excellent peering network, that includes key backbone suppliers, like Layer (3), NTT and nLayer, which are among the top–rated network companies. BGP is employed for the best route selection and automatic fail over purposes.We can easily deliver exceptional connection speeds not merely throughout the United States, but around the globe too. In case you host your site with our USA located data-center, it will load as fast as possible anywhere in the world.

A 99.9% network up time warranty

A team of talented server admins is on–site round–the–clock to warrant an amazing 100% uptime for the server network. In addition to the fantastic network conditions, we’ve provided high–grade server equipment that allows us to ensure a 99.9% server uptime with all OneHostGroup’s web hosting products and services.On top of that, we’ve reduced the casual service disruptions by constructing a custom shared web hosting system where server load is evenly distributed between a numbers of physical machines, so you will under no circumstances experience down times in case a person is loading the web server. In addition, as a result of a modification we’ve made to the Linux–based server Operating System, we can always add or remove servers at any time and your sites are not going to go through any downtime.

Properly managed and reliable servers

Our server network boasts a multitude of machines that are being reviewed day–and–night. If something occurs with a single service on our machines, our smart notification system is going to immediately let our server administrators find out. We’ve additionally made an SMS notification system that will notify our server administrators if a problem is not dealt with.Within our USA located data-center we hold testing servers, production servers, and backup servers, along with administrative, spare and dedicated web hosting servers. Additionally, we have many master VPS machines as well as some semi–dedicated servers.